A constant poking in your ribs interrupts your dreams of passing through tunnels of shimmering colors. Finally growing annoyed, you roll over enough to grab and toss the offending piece of rock off into the distance. That’s when you realize that something is wrong.

You find that you are lying in the center of a round depression amongst a pile of broken pillars that appear to have once supported horizontal stone slabs. Now those ornately carved stone slabs have broken, tipped at wild angles against the rubble.

You slowly start to gather yourself and your gear together, trying desperately to remember what happened and why you are here, but your memories fail you. You happen to glance upwards and find yourself suddenly falling back down stunned by what you just saw.

In the distance in the sky where you would expect to see clouds or clear blue sky, you see a floating mountain. What should be the sky is more like a dark blue open expanse of nothing. You see a few clouds and pillars of shimmering magic shooting through it, but mostly it’s like looking into emptiness. Looking at the mountain, you can faintly see trees and what appears to be water running down the side and disappearing from view. You can faintly see specks moving around above it; you think they must be massive to be seen from this distance and you have no idea what they could be.

You sit there stunned for a moment realizing this is not the world you knew as home.

Welcome to Shattered Lands

This website is meant for my players to meet and form small groups to run 4th edition D&D adventures.

How does that work ?

Here’s the premise. Adult gamers don’t have a ton of time to game every Friday night, every other week or such. Hell, just getting same 5 people to have the same day free can be a pain some times.

Well if you have a pool of 20 people trying to make a group of five to go off and kill something it’s a bit easier.

This type of gaming I’ve taken to calling West Marches style after reading this article http://arsludi.lamemage.com/index.php/78/grand-experiments-west-marches/.

My job as a DM is to respond to your requests to go explore and find new things. I’ll give you a place to all meet and share info and where might this place be? Where else but the Tavern! From here you will make your groups and decide where to explore. There will be a job posting board to give you some simple quests to do and get you started on your explorations but ultimately it is up you the players to share rumors info and points of interest.

Was there a door you couldn’t get open? Go back and find someone to help you. That last monster just too tough? Plot your revenge for another day once you get some more kills under your belt. Damn that tower over there looks interesting we need to go back there.

Step on in stranger pull up a bench. Tell us all about your adventures

The Tavern